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February 21, 2008

Pastors & Church Leaders:

Yesterday I received a magazine in the mail that is only available to pro audio contractors.  It's very popular in the industry, and up until yesterday, I have been quite impressed with its content.

In this particular monthly publication, there is a section dedicated specifically to houses of worship, and new products that are coming out to meet their specific needs.  In this issue, there was also an article written by a contractor explaining some training options that his company offers to churches after installing a new system for them.  The whole three-page article captured my attention...until the very last paragraph.  Where I became very angry.

Here is a verbatim reprint of the last paragraph of that article:

Opportunity abounds for those of us who believe in what we are doing.  It doesn't hurt to also believe in a God.  After all, if it weren't for God, whomever he or she may be to you, we wouldn't have houses of worship.  Hence no worship sound systems.  So praise Jesus or Buddha or God Almighty or Allah or Krishna or whomever.

Whoa! Can you believe what you just read? These statements are coming from a supposed "Christian" whose phone rings off the hook by churches and church leaders all over the country seeking to hire them to work in their church.

Obviously this particular company could care less about what they may be supporting.  I believe their philosophy is, in the words of Tom Hanks in the movie "You've Got Mail"...It's not personal, just business.

Please let me tell you, Cross-Fade Audio DOES NOT subscribe to this philosophy, and we make no apologies for it.  When we opened for business, we agreed that our faith in Jesus Christ is worth more than the almighty dollar.  Money can come and go, but as it says in Hebrews 13:8, Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

What does all this have to do with sound & video? Isn't this supposed to be a sales pitch?  Well, in a way our pitch has already been made.

Cross-Fade Audio is a Christ centered company specializing in the design and installation of state-of-the-art audio & visual systems in churches, schools and various other venues.  Using only the highest quality components, we can either update your existing system(s), or design and install a completely new solution that would truly best meet the needs of your congregation. We work with churches of all shapes and sizes with both large and small budgets.

We provide complete packages: from system design & equipment sales to installation, troubleshooting & training.  Each facility has its own requirements.  What will work in one space might not be the best choice for another. In any case, please know we are here to assist with whatever your audio and video needs may be.  

With more than a decade of experience in the audio industry under our belt, a wealth of knowledge is brought to the table when addressing the needs of your congregation.  Having our roots firmly grounded in the church, and our faith in Jesus Christ; and having assisted literally hundreds of churches of like faith across the country, we can truly understand the needs of your congregation.  Whether you need a system for your main sanctuary or fellowship hall, youth facility, or a completely mobile system which can be used to reach your community; whether you need a system to accommodate a few hundred or a few thousand…

Cross-Fade Audio is the answer to your needs! 

Together in the harvest,

Vincent DiBenedetto


At Cross-Fade Audio,we strive to uphold a Christ-like attitude in everything that we do.  It is our desire that the Love of Christ shine through our lives as individuals as well as a business.  Whatever your audio and video needs may be...

Cross-Fade Audio is the answer to your needs!


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